Monday, January 19, 2009

My next project

Okay, so even though I have a few UFOs (a monkey bag, a shawl, a toddler dress, to name a few, socks), I finished my scarf (pic to come) and feel justified in starting something new. I got my Knit Bits newsletter from Berroco and in their new booklet #285 there is a pattern for an apron/garment called Paron.

I love the look of it and want to make it, but I'm such a cheap skate and don't want the rest of the booklet. So, design one I will. I sat last night sketching out the pattern and measuring myself. I'll be using Bernat Baby Coordinates (R & the kids bought some for my birthday last year), in sky, soft blue & white. I knit up a swatch and calculated the decreases, and God, math is not my strong point, but I got it. And it is just for me, so if it doesn't work out perfectly no biggy.

I'll try to post this one as I go.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And now 2 more!

This just keeps getting better. Except that now I feel such pressure to post. I need to get a hold of the camera in our house and take some photos of my current projects. My UFOs could warrant a blog of their own!

Welcome Jain & Shannon!

Also, feel free to check out my other blogs too, Haiku Mama & A Free Minute.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I signed into blogger this morning only to discover that I have 2 followers to the Funky Hooker! I feel like a super star...okay, okay, I know its not much to some of the huge blogs out there, but its a big deal to me. And that is definately going to make all the difference in how frequently I post my knitting and new patterns.

Right now, I'm working on a few different projects at once. The most important (and most recent) is a plain 2x2 rib narrow scarf in LionBrand wool, that I'm making to match my new coat. I'll post pics later.

I'm also working on a mohair shawl (that a couple years UFO), a 12mos lacy dress, a monkey bag for a friend, and a pair of self-striping blue socks (my first attempt at socks). I usually have a few things knitting at any given time. Crocheting is on the back burner, but I can guarantee that any crochet projects are finished too fast to put away for a time.

So, thanks a million, Fae & CMC made my day!