Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here's what left right now...

The sample bowl that Carolyn put out at the Craft Sale (which was to be mine) sold immediately.  Now I only have these four left!

Yarn Bowl yumminess!

It just feels so luxurious to knit with a handmade pottery yarn bowl.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Yarn Bowls

Carolyn Cisco is a fantastic potter, who teaches high school physical education and dance.  KennerCVI is hosting a Craft Sale, from Tuesday November 23 until Thursday November 25, featuring her pottery, as well as photography by Ellen Bond and Deryck Robertson, basketry by Sandi McNeil, stained glass by Melanie Licht, beaded jewellry & ornaments by Melanie Boyce-Collins.
Here are Carolyn's displays:

 And she just finished another round of yarn bowls for the Elegant Spiders!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yeah...Yarn Bowls!

While writing up the Knitter's Anniversary guide I was tempted to find a yarn bowl.  Then I remembered that one of the teacher's at my school does pottery in her home studio.  I sent a few pics to her and the next day she said she'd thrown one!  After mentioning this at the Elegant Spider, a few spiders were so excited that they wanted to put in an order.
At $15 a bowl, they are an amazing handmade steal!
 The blue one on the right is deliberately made with the spiral to the left, as one of the spiders wanted one with a "j".
The spiral sometimes bow out, but I think that lends to the handmade charm...something you would never find in a mass-produced piece of crap!