Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Could I Resist?

He is the perfect inspiration and the perfect model.

I present to you....Harper Heath Williams Labelle is his new spring cotton ensemble.
The sweater is the Seamless Kimono Sweater from the Complete Fabrication.

The Circus Knit Bits is an original work, and you can get the pattern here. It is a great pattern that can be done in the round or on straight needles and is actually written for three colours. Its difficult to see the knotted i-cord at the top, but that is the cutest part of the hat!
My next project is to start the Christmas gifts. I'd really like to make something for everyone and the first on the list is my mom. I want to do a shawl, preferably from Victorian Lace Today. I complicated and challenging design is what my brain really needs right now. And if I get that done before Christmas, I'll have accomplished something!


SimplyElizabeth said...

Hi Monica,
I LOVE the baby hat! Would you please send the pattern to me?
I am excited to get started!
Liz :)

SimplyElizabeth said...

Sorry...I forgot...My email address is attached!

Monica said...

Your email still didn't come through. I tried clicking on your profile, but that didn't work either. If you email me directly at, I can just reply to your email.

Aprill said...

I am in love the baby hat, could you please sent me a copy of the pattern, I can't wait to make on for my girls. thank you,

VickyV said...

That is one fantastic hat(and he's adorable!)! Would you be willing to send me the pattern if I provide my email?