Friday, March 27, 2009

So neglectful...

I've been too busy at home to update anything here in soooo long. I finally had a free minute at work, and despite the urge to post to A Free Minute I am posting her instead.

I finally finished the toddler dress and it turned out great.
In a strange twist of fate (pun intended), as I had put the piece away for so long, I was doing the yarnovers differently on the second half of the back fan & feather portion.
To that end (pun intended again) the bum portion is denser than the front. Its still looks nice and I can pretend that it was intentional . The best part was finishing it with the mattress stitch, which is completely invisible.
I am planning on giving it to my lovely niece, Rachel; her fifth birthday is in June and she will look wonderful in it!
Now, I'm using up the rest of the silk/wool yarn to knit the drop stitch scarf Fascinate from Berroco. When I'm done, I'll post another picture. I'm still trying to decide to whom I will give it. There is a lovely teacher on staff at my school who is due to give birth anyday. She is already a mom to several kids and I think instead of a 'baby' focused gift, I'll give her the scarf. She has a gorgeous head of bright red hair and this will look great on her...I just have to get it finished.