Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yeah...Yarn Bowls!

While writing up the Knitter's Anniversary guide I was tempted to find a yarn bowl.  Then I remembered that one of the teacher's at my school does pottery in her home studio.  I sent a few pics to her and the next day she said she'd thrown one!  After mentioning this at the Elegant Spider, a few spiders were so excited that they wanted to put in an order.
At $15 a bowl, they are an amazing handmade steal!
 The blue one on the right is deliberately made with the spiral to the left, as one of the spiders wanted one with a "j".
The spiral sometimes bow out, but I think that lends to the handmade charm...something you would never find in a mass-produced piece of crap!


kneyda said...

How can I get one? These are awesome!

Leah ;0) said...

OMG how do I order one?!?!?

Monica said...

I work with the woman who made them; I've got another 5 on order.
We are located in Peterborough Ontario. If you are interested, you can email me and I'll put you in contact.