Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dishclothes, dishclothes, dishclothes...

So my mom dropped off a bag of 4 balls of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton so that I could make some dishclothes. Its a quick way to make a bit of change, so I crocheted them while watching a great documentary called The 70's Dimension. Its a steady stream of 70's era TV commercials that will have you in an acid flashback like no other. Some of them, like the L&M cigarettes and a seatbelt safety commercial put out by the State of Washington Traffic Safety Commission had me laughing out loud. I also managed to get a glimpse of my own vintage stereo system (apparently called "The Gothenberg") in a Packard Bell commercial. It is worth renting, if you can find someone that has it.
During the movie, I managed to get six disclothes done. I can get one regular square and then a smaller one (I did one triangle, one circle and one oval) out of each 50g ball. I can't get the pics to upload to the blog, so maybe I'll add them later. On the other hand, I suppose everyone knows what dishclothes look like; not terribly exciting shit, really.

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Louise C said...

Hello! I am a steady knitter myself and I also knit dishclothes. My pattern is very easy and I am curious about yours. My blog is in French but the images are clear enough for you to enjoy.