Friday, March 24, 2006

Lewiscraft Closing? What about the kids?!

So its sad enough that Bentley group is closing all 80 Lewiscraft locations across Canada. It is also sad enough the Peterborough location was the only still-standing original retail store in our downtown mall. To be honest, I was ecstatic about the discounts on existing stock. But, I was nearly heartbroken when I realized that Lewiscraft was the other half of the Salvation Army's Knit for Kids program, which pays for the yarn for local knitters and crocheters to create hats, mitts, scarves, sweaters, etc, to be included in the Christmas hampers every year. Last year alone, the program collected over 40,000 items across Canada, a goal achieved after two decades of the program.
The Salvation Army fears that this program may see its demise this winter, without the co-operation of such a huge retail partner. But I call on all knitters and crocheters (especially the small business owners) to take up the torch. Continue to create these much needed items and donate them directly to the Salvation Army. Or donate your time to the collection and delivery on behalf of the program. You can also donate any yarn from your stash that can be used by others to help offset the cost of the program. Anything can help! But its up to the individual to continue this incredible program.
If you need any ideas, or have any other suggestions, please contact me. I'm doing my best in my community to get a couple of local shops on board for this coming winter. It may be a few months off, but the earlier we get started the better.
Let's try to beat the total from last year, despite this major setback!

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