Monday, April 17, 2006

Don't worry...I won't quit my day job!

Well, I'm finally making money on my crocheting! Albeit very little...well, um, hardly any at all...but its something!? I've had a few requests for the Mini-handled Purse from co-workers who don't crochet. I've altered the pattern a little, by request, to make it bigger, by starting with 30 sc's over the handle edge. But I've also eliminated the rows of cross-double crochets and just done twenty even rows of dc. It makes for an easier pattern, and a slightly roomier purse. So I got another request on Thursday and finished it on Sunday. I had just enough Paton's Brilliant in Black Dazzle to make a short version of the Total Torque Biker Scarf at Interweave Press. Its a very 'holey' scarf, so the short version can be worn as a keyhole scarf.

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