Monday, February 16, 2009

Knitty Gritties

Long, long ago, in a house very near to mine...okay, my house, a woman lived who attended her knitting group regularly. Every other Monday night she would pack up her most recent project and head out to Lakefield, usually with Annie in tow, and she would knit and chat and laugh and she would feel content.
Then she got pregnant, and she continued to go to the Knitty Gritties. Then she had a baby and she went a few more times with a sleeping baby. But then one night, that baby got too big for his carrier and he started to crawl and get into things and she couldn't find the energy come Monday night to drag her arse to her favourite place.
Weeks turned to months and then one day, she check out her Facebook and lo, and behold, both Annie & Jenn both were asking her to come to knitting. Well, she couldn't very well turn down that chance! She missed them. She missed the knitting and chatting and laughing. Of course, she would go. And so I did!
On the drive out I explained to Annie my current hatred towards the socks that I was sllllloooooowwwwllllyyy knitting. She reminded me that I really didn't have to finish them. And unlike a book that you are not enjoying, you don't have to just put the knitting away. So I spent most of my evening frogging the afforementioned sock...
Then I sat staring at it for some time. Meanwhile, Annie had not brought any knitting per se. Her first project was to finish the Snoodle (sp?) that she had started to make for Lulu. It is basically a square of flannel, folded in half, with a ball of stuffing in the middle for a head. Then you knot each of the corners, to make hands and feet.
Its adorable and simple and so soft!
Her next project was some needle felting. She's starting out making a mobile (again for Lulu) with little felted balls of swirling colours. The roving yarn is gorgeous and soft and looks absolutely beautiful, multicoloured cotton candy.And when she started to needle felt, it looked like the kind of zen work that I live for. There's not watching TV while you do it, because you can easily prick a finger with the barbed needle. But its a simple poking process and when she got going, it was a almost like watching a manual tattoo artist, her hand was moving so fast.Meanwhile, everyone else was working on various parts of various projects. Jenn was adding fringe to the ends of her new scarf; she's adding her Guide's badges later, which is priceless! There was also much sharing of baby photos; Annie hasn't been to knitting in some time either. She brought a gorgeous calendar with photos of Lulu's first year. I had my camera with some pics from today, and I also had my digital keychain with pics of everyone, and loads of Harper.

Needless to say, it was a fantastic night and I'll be sure to start going regularly again. It fills up my cup and then I'll at least have some fortnightly blog fodder!

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