Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Christmas Present to Myself

My husband listened to my complaints this year and bought me a new winter jacket. And he did a fantastic job...I wasn't with him to try it on and I didn't give him any clues as to what I'd like. But he bought the perfect jacket. Its a thigh-length, brown and black tweed, with a detachable hood and zippered pockets. Its simple and classic and bookish looking...just like me!But I needed a new scarf to go with it. I wanted to do something a little different. Within the fabric of the jacket are fine threads of green and teal. They are so faint that you can't even really see them unless you get up good and close, and I point them out to you. I wanted to draw attention to them. So, I chose Lionbrand Wool in Lemongrass and Dark Teal; 1 ball of each. Then I decided that I wanted the actual scarf to be original, but classic. This sounds simple enough, but I wasn't. What I ended up with was a scarf that wasn't striped, or braided, or tassled, or weaved.

So, this is the pattern that I came up with...

Cast on 26sts, on 8mm needles.
Continue in 2X2 rib until you're nearly out of the first colour. Knit next row with the other colour and continue in 2X2 rib until second half is the same length as the first. Bind off.

I know, I know. Its incredibly complicated. But if you keep a stitch marker and stitch counter and don't watch TV while you work, you should be okay. My other piece of advice on this complex scarf, is to try not to smoke TOO much pot while you knit...I found that the needles looked REALLY REALLY BIG and it freaked me out a little.

Here is my finished scarf, which looks great with my jacket, by the way.


Jain said...

lmao @ too much pot
great colors!

momma2thestrainkids said...

so what do the needles look like if you dont smoke enought pot?lol

Monica said...

They look like boring regular needles. Which makes it easier to concentrate on the knitting, but in the end isn't nearly as much fun!